Navigating New Personnel Issues in the Pandemic Era

This week’s FEDtalk show features attorneys from the law firm of Shaw Bransford & Roth (SBR) to discuss personnel issues and trends emerging from the…

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Where Work-Life Benefits Meet the Administration of Justice: DOJ Reentry Plans

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Cultivating and Sustaining the Next Generation of Federal Leaders

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Getting Ahead this Tax Season

Set yourself up for success this tax season with the latest episode of FEDtalk. This week’s show will provide insight into the upcoming tax season with…

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Insights into Federal Law Enforcement Through the FEDforum

Host Natalia Castro welcomes a conversation on what’s to come in 2022 among FEDforum partners Steve Wasserman, National President of the National Association…

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Uniting the Federal Community Through the FEDforum

The FEDforum is an initiative at the show’s sister newsletter – FEDmanager – to unite voices across the federal community. This partnership among federal workforce organizations is a space for federal employee groups to share their organizations’ initiatives, insights, and activities with the FEDmanager audience.

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