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Agencies can relieve citizen burdens by modernizing their workflows

Agencies have an opportunity to reduce costs and improve citizen services by moving away from paper forms.

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Cyber defenders must become more sophisticated to deal with the continued barrage of attacks

To combat the ever-increasing cyber threats, agencies are spending more money than ever. But it’s more than just money that is needed. It’s also people…

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How the Census Bureau built trust through customer experience

2020 was the first time in history the U.S. Census included an option to respond online. Wanting to find ways to encourage engagement, the U.S. Census…

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How to prepare employees to succeed in a hybrid workplace

Matt Mandrgoc, the head of US public sector at Zoom, said the pandemic showed three things: Incumbent technologies were not necessarily scalable to satisfy the needs of the mass remote work environment; the culture change brought on by mass telework will be permanent; and cloud services were critical to all of these successes.

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